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Best Melbourne-based Split system air conditioner service

Why it is used?

  • Inspecting and cleaning filters
  • Assessing gas levels
  • Inspecting any gas or refrigerant leaks, faults, and room for repair
  • Running a thorough check of thermostat performance
  • Inspecting and cleaning indoor fan coil and outdoor compressor coil
  • Performing a final function test

Do you wish to escape the summertime heat? The ideal system is a split one. In the home market, these options are the greatest and most well-liked. Their adaptability and cheaper operating expenses are to blame for their enormous appeal. To work at their best, they need timely service, just like another electrical device. When it comes to heating and cooling your house, split air conditioner system is usually chosen, mostly because they are very adaptable, affordable, and offer some of the greatest temperature management. An indoor unit, which is positioned within the intended space, and an outdoor unit, which is often positioned on a roof, make up a split system.

Get the best air conditioning service across Melbourne that can withstand the harsh Australian climate.

FAQ about Split System
Utterly! Split systems are effective, but to maintain lifespan and peak performance, they require regular maintenance. For you do not have to worry about the lifespan of your cooling equipment, Surrey Air has a team of certified HVAC experts accessible to give a dependable periodic maintenance service.
The system's failure to properly cool, rising energy costs, fluctuating temperatures, or excessive noise are the most evident warning indicators.
Every year, just before the season begins, we advise getting your air conditioner's split system serviced.
Our climate care solutions are specifically tailored to each customer's home or place of business after taking into account their individual needs. You will obtain an excellent and dependable indoor climate solution from us, supported by first-rate service, thanks to our stringent procedures and quality assurance systems.
Call us at 0456 111 141 or send us an email to get in touch. You may also send an email to ellwoods@gmail.com with your enquiry for service split system air conditioner, and we will respond as soon as we can.
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